Inventory Management

Keeping all of your vehicles organized

A central hub to keep all of your vehicles organized and understand how they are performing online. This is an automated, real-time, user-friendly approach to inventory management. A proprietary solution built from the ground up with the intent to make commerce effortless for dealerships.

Key Indicators

Quickly filter through your inventory with the click of a button to see which vehicles are missing pictures, features, pricing and more. Make edits quickly from our dashboard and watch those changes instantly make their way onto the website.

Analytics & Reports

Real time access to the online performance of your vehicle inventory. We offer insights that allow you to make better decisions based on real data.

Data Syndication

Buyers spend nearly 50% of their time shopping for new and used cars on third party vehicle sites. Easily manage your new and used inventory and push it to the most important places … Where Canadians actually shop for vehicles online.